of Wind

I have been a customer at Wind for many years it has always been my 1st choice for dinners and lunches out.


Naturally when it was time for my Birthday lunch in 2014, I chose Wind St. Catharines.  I remember running late for my reservation and by the time I got there my family was all seated and ready to go!  My husband (then boyfriend) Mike, was running even later with work with the Niagara Regional Police. 


At any rate, when my husband finally arrived at Wind, he proposed – I said yes!  That was my favourite sushi dinner ever!  


Your kind staff were so supportive, even the host working at the time (Jay) brought me a celebratory glass of wine!  That is just another example of the kindness and family like atmosphere we love at Wind!


In planning the wedding, it was obvious to us that Wind would be involved.  We contemplated resting the whole restaurant for the evening, but we ended up having a small private ceremony with a larger reception the following day. 


With this in mind, all 19 of us that attended the ceremony went to Wind Niagara Falls for dinner.  I proudly wore my wedding dress with custom “Mrs. Robinson” apron to protect it and we sat in the back room to dine.   It was a fantastic meal (as usual), and even my grandparents, who are very traditional eaters enjoyed their first sushi experience!  It was a fantastic day that I will never forget!


Meghan and Mike