How to have the best Valentine's dinner

Updated: Feb 4

Whether it's a dine-out at your favourite spot or a home gathering, Valentine's day is the perfect occasion to let the romance flow or to have a super fun night with your besties. But how to ensure the total success of this special day?

Here we leave you a couple of tips to guarantee the best night ever:

Always plan ahead

We all know that Valentine's day is one of the busiest times of the year for most restaurants, so to guarantee a perfect dining spot for you and your loved one, make sure you reserve in advance and let your servers know if will require any special assistance (for example with a glass of wine, a special dessert or decoration...)

Having a reservation in advance will show not only commitment and interest but also will release stress and make you look and feel carefree and confident. With a reservation in advance, you just have to focus on looking your best to charm that other person that melts your heart or to wow all your best friends.

If your idea is to have a dinner date at home but your cooking skills only get into making toast, the recommendation is to pre-order your food in advance at your favourite spot. A Valentine's Day special pack is a perfect solution for a wonderful dinner for two hassle-free, and if your celebration is with a bigger group, party combos and specials packs can be arranged to suit everyone's taste.

When pre-ordering, make sure you choose options that you all love, including the favourite drinks and treats of your other half or your besties.

Once the food is sorted, the rest is easy: decoration, candles, music, games, plates and cutlery to set the table and present the food, and small cute details like folded napkins, the name of each person on their plate and maybe a cute little chocolate heart on each plate to show your love.

Pay attention

When in the restaurant, make sure you pay attention to your date and forget about electronic devices!

Involve your other half in the food and drink selection, ensure eye contact and intimacy and have one or two stories prepared to laugh! Laughter is often a great source of romance. If celebrating with friends, ask them a phone-free session by proposing a game in which the first person to check their phone will have penitence: eat something they don't like, drink a shot, or do something funny, and rejoice of great conversation, food and laughter. You won't regret it.

If celebrating at home, your guest is your world, and there is nothing more important than that other half, or that group of special people. Prepare a fishbowl or a bucket by the entrance to leave the phones when arriving, ensuring a “cell phone-free environment”, and make sure the music and candles are ready to set the mood. Have a rough timetable prepared for pre-drinks, dinner, dessert and games, but don't stress out if the order alters, sometimes things change for the best!

Be grateful

Being fortunate is one thing, and expressing it to those who matter is another. Make sure you let your loved one or friends know how special this celebration was for you, and thank them for being there. Gratitude is an extremely powerful emotion that brings people together, and might finish up melting your special one's heart!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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