New etiquette for dining out

Dining out has always been for many, one of the most enjoyable moments of life. However, after almost two years of lockdown and pandemic times, we have become a little rusted when it comes to the interaction between patrons and servers.

As interesting as it may sound, one of the consequences of Covid-19 is that after all this waiting our patience actually got shorter! Some reports state that one post-pandemic characteristic is shorter patience and a more introverted behavior promoted by the long time spent in isolation. We forgot how to interact with others, and that shows when we finally dine out.

So, to avoid getting out of the loop, here are some tips to follow next time you visit your favourite restaurant:

Be kind: remember, we all went through the same, and we are all readjusting.

Be kind with your servers and you'll see how that kindness pays back.

Patience is key: I know, is not easy to hold still while waiting for that dish of your dreams, but is good to have in mind that probably the kitchen and all its workers are also impatient for you to try it, and are giving their best to ensure it is exactly as you remember it. So breathe, enjoy your surroundings and wait for the moment to arrive.

Enjoy the small differences: Yes, not everything is how it used to be, but that is not a reason to get bitter and have a terrible experience. Instead, focus on interesting things that have changed for good and be thankful you can be there to enjoy them.

With these three little tips, you'll be able to take your mind away from the bad and appreciate all the good that is being alive and eating out.

Bon appétit! 楽しむ

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