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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

“Is it a labour replacement? A hard no."

This was one of the multiple questions answered by our Marketing Director Craig McCallum during an interview with Richard Harley, Editor in Chief of Niagara Now.

The encounter occurred on mid-September at our East Izakaya Niagara Falls location, where Harley was able to experience being served by our brand new BellaBot.

Harley's curiosity was peaked by our interest for innovation and the multiple possibilities these robot bring to us. When asked about this, McCallum's response was "We're a type of company that always looks for something new. When the opportunity for a robot server came up, it "checked all the boxes" for the company's core values — to be innovative, different, while focusing on the customer experience”.

The KettyBot and the BellaBot are robots provided by Sparc Technologies, its regional distributor. Their design allows them to be programmed to know the layout of the restaurant and zoom around collecting food orders from the kitchen. Once they get the food, they head over to the tables and bring food to the guest, who takes it off of the tray.

The implementation of the robots in our stores are a great help for servers and the team in general, since they take away the need of carrying around trays full of dishes or food, and promotes a service more focused on the guest experience.

“Is it a labour replacement? A hard no. It's a co-worker, that's it. If anything, it helps our staff because Amy can come over and pay attention to us. Do you need some more sauce, how are your napkins, your water needs a top up, how's your meal, how's everything going? We got our meal from the robot... it was Amy that came over and added that human element. The robot can't say 'How's your meal?'"

The reception from our team has been completely positive. For them Ketty and Bella are team members with specific tasks that can help them on their job, specially during the personnel shortage all businesses have experienced post-pandemic.

While actively looking for new members to join our team, finding staff has been a challenging task that in many cases overloaded the restaurant team. The implementation of the robots helped alleviate this overburden while we get new team members to join us.

For reading the full interview click here.

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