Tips to take the best advantage of your takeout leftovers

We all love take-out, but sometimes some of our favourite dishes are not as good when reheated. Because we understand your longing, and how wonderful it is when your reheated meal is as good as the first time, here are some suggestions of dishes that are as good reheated, as they were when delivered. Fried rice: in any of its presentations, fried rice is a dish you can't go wrong with, especially when choosing chicken or veggie options, which are the options that reheat the best. To enjoy that Japanese chicken fried rice from yesterday's dinner, simply warm it on the frying pan with an egg, or soy sauce and enjoy.

Pad see ew: this is a favourite in the leftovers category because the thick noodles are less likely to stick to each other forming a thick block. If you happen to have Thai leftovers, just toss them all together on the pan for the best stir fry ever.

Curry: this is a gold mine that you can eat for days and days, and it will just get better and better. Whether is Green, Red or Golden, curry flavours will stay as good on the next day as when it was delivered. It's just a matter of heating the delicious treat in the microwave or a pan and eating it. Yum!

Ramen: Thanks to its quality (a yummy delicious broth full of goodness), it's a perfect and easy meal to reheat, especially if the ingredients are separated from the broth. Warm up the broth, mix it with the rest of the ingredients and bon appétit!

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