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Updated: Jan 18

To all the gamers out there, it's bingo time!

Since January 1st, 2022 we launched our campaign #takeoutforterry to raise awareness about the Terry Fox Foundation and the incredible work they do helping fund Cancer research. How did we do it?

Well, through one of the oldest and most universal games in existence: Bingo.

As you might know (or might be about to discover), Bingo is a game which originally dates from the 16th century in Italy, under the name Il Gioco del Lotto D'Italia,and became so popular that spread first to France, then to Great Britain and other parts of Europe during the 18th century, and eventually reached to America.

Bingo is a game super fun and easy to play, so we have adopted this platform for all our take-out lovers. Now you'll be able to enjoy your take-out while playing for great prizes.

The specifications:

The bingo game #takeoutforterry is played using our Takeout receipts to publish the numbers played each day. All our restaurants have a different number every week displayed on the receipt, right under our thank you message, like this:

With every takeout you purchase, you get a number to play on any of our Bingo cards. You can download the cards here, and you can play as many as 10 cards at a time, but have in mind that your receipts will be valid only for one winner card.

Patterns and prizes:

Because the game is to honour Terry Fox, the pattern to fill are the letters T, E, R and Y, with a specific prize associated to each pattern.

T: 1 Dinner All-you-can-eat at East Izakaya or Wind Japanese ant Thai, or

1 Brunch All-you-can-enjoy at Ma Chinese Cuisine

E: $50 Gift card for any of our restaurants

R: $100 Gift card for any of our restaurants

Y: 1 Lunch All-you-can-eat at East Izakaya or Wind Japanese and Thai, or

1 Brunch All-you-can-enjoy at MA Chinese Cuisine

Ready to play?

Download your card here, order your takeout and good luck!

Join us on #takeoutforterry and help us raise donations for the Terry Fox Run and their fantastic work supporting life-changing cancer research here:

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