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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

On July 28, 2021, we tested a robot server at Wind Mississauga for the first time, an innovative high-end food delivery robot supplied by Sparc Technologies to support our team inside the restaurant.

After seeing the robot in action and experiencing all the excellent features it has to offer, we couldn't stay still, so we decided to implement the help of other cute robots like this one at East Niagara Falls and Ma Chinese Cuisine. We see the robot as a co-worker that supports our team. In the near future Wind Niagara Falls, Wind St. Catharines and East St. Catharines will join them on this huge step to optimize and enhance our guest's experience and our team efficiency. But, what does the robot do?

Well, besides having an adorable bionic design with the face of a cute little cat, the BellaBot has 4 tray levels to place and dispatch food orders. Its navigational solutions and 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance helps the robot to move around, locate tables and deliver orders while avoiding obstacles and people. It is the perfect resource to deliver food in our fast pace restaurant!

Its smooth surface and design make it super easy to clean and the easy-to-use screen, combined with lights and sounds makes the robot a fun and efficient tool to add to our team.

Here are some of the things the BellaBot can do:

  • Greet guests and guide them to their seat

  • Work with other bots

  • Deliver dishes directly to tables

  • Cruise around to support the clean up of tables

  • Engage with people when touched

  • Show dozens of exclusive original face expressions

  • It can sing Happy Birthday!

The future is here to stay and we are proud to be part of it!

Do you want to learn more? See it in action at East Niagara Falls & Ma Chinese Cuisine.

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