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Updated: Feb 4

Always innovating and adapting, during 2021 evolved with the idea of going above and beyond the world that surrounds us. We started with the creation of an Online Ordering System, then moved into a new Wind Group app for both Android and iPhone, and after that pushed all boundaries with the implementation of robots in our store, closing the year with our new plastic branded gift cards.

However, our path doesn't end there...

Level up! Online Reservations

We are proud to announce that we are currently testing an online reservation system for all our restaurants!

The platform developed by our tech team will allow our guests to make reservations online, either from the restaurant's website or directly through the Wind Group app. The goal is to make the reservation process easier for our guests and allow them to choose freely the time slot they would prefer for their visit.

Currently, the platform allows reservations for groups between 1 and 4 people, from 11:45 am to 9:00 pm, and recommends contacting the restaurant in case of bigger groups to ensure space availability.

But how does it work?

Highly intuitive and very simple to use, the platform prompts you to choose a restaurant (if reserving from the Wind Group app), and lets you choose the party size (1-4 people), date and time slot desired.

Once a time slot is chosen, the system displays the available times for your booking, and after selecting the preferred time, you are prompted to add your contact information with name, last name, phone number, email, the type of occasion if required (birthday, date night, etc.), and any special instructions for the reservation if needed (I.e. high chairs for babies, gluten-free menu, etc.)

By submitting the reservation, you get a confirmation number and receive a text message with the details of your booking.

Another interesting feature of the Online Reservations is the History section, where you will be able to see your reservation history and cancel any reservation if needed. When a reservation is cancelled, the system sends you a text message with the confirmation of your cancellation, including all the details of the reservation for your records.

eGift card

Our guests asked for it and we got it!

We finally implemented the eGift card system in our Wind Group app. Now you will be able to send digital gift cards to family and friends to enjoy in any of our restaurants from wherever you are.

The process

We wanted to make sure the process for sending gift cards would be as simple as possible, so from our Wind Group app home you will be able to find an icon named eGift card, and once clicked, there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Wind Group brand card

  • Happy birthday card

  • Thank you card

There are fixed amounts available to add on the gift card ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50 and $100), but you can also choose a specific amount by typing the number on the amount section, as long as it's $10 or higher.

Once you choose the amount and style of the eGift card, you can fill in the From and To sections with the name and email address of the sender and receiver, and add a personalized message.

The payment can be made either with eMoney directly from your app or with Online Pay with a credit card.

The surprise

There is nothing better than receiving a surprise, and in this case, the recipient of the eGift card will get a printable email that will include:

  • The card design chosen

  • A bar code to redeem the eGift card

  • The eGift card amount

  • The eGift card Pin

  • A message from the sender,

  • and the ways to redeem your eGift card.

The recipient can choose to print the email and use the card directly in-store, or add the eGift card into their app, by clicking the “Redeem Gift card” button on the Wind Group app home page and adding the card number and Pin.

We are truly excited about these new features we are developing and invite you to experiment with them and give us your feedback.

Click below to download the app and welcome to 2022!

Wind Group app for Android

Wind Group app for iPhone

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