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Wind Group announced the successful implementation of robots in all of its stores.

[ST. CATHARINES, November 4th, 2021]—The Wind Group of Restaurants announced today the total success of implementing robots as team members inside its restaurants Ma Chinese Cuisine, East Izakaya, and Wind Japanese and Thai, located in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Mississauga. Since the end of July 2021, and after the surge of a contactless service need between patrons and servers, Wind Group started testing the implementation of Pudu Robots in all its restaurants. The robots were supplied by Sparc Technologies to reach Wind Group's goal: to offer a new approach to the restaurant experience. Three different robot models were implemented: The BellaBot, the KettyBot and the Puductor2. Shane Connolly, CEO of Wind Group commented the acquisition of robots was a jump into innovation and the future. “During the pandemic, the disaster around the restaurant business taught us to think outside of the box. We thought hard, did our research and now are very happy to embrace innovation and technology with the implementation of robots in all our stores. The BellaBot, KettyBot and Puductor2 are not only great tools but also a new attraction to our business that alleviates all the pasts memories of struggle through pandemic and focuses on a brighter future. The robots also allow our staff to spend more time with guests, which is exactly what we want them to do, to focus on our guests.”

The BellaBot was the first robot to be tested at Wind Japanese and Thai Mississauga, and its design with the face of a cute little cat became a main attraction of the restaurant. Thanks to its four trays to place and delivery food, and to the navigational system that helps it move around, “Bella” -as the staff calls it-, works happily, locating tables and delivering orders while avoiding obstacles and people. East, Wind and MA use the robot as a host, to deliver food to tables and to sing happy birthday to the guests, and its expressive cat face is a success with visitors: today Bella is one of the attractions of visiting East Izakaya Niagara Falls, Wind Japanese and Thai Niagara Falls and Mississauga, and MA Chinese Cuisine in St. Catharines.

After the success of the BellaBot, Wind and East St. Catharines implemented the KettyBot, a smaller and slightly different version of Bella that has a bright yellow colour, as well as a big cyclops eye that might remind you of a famous children's cartoon. This little robot has become another restaurant team member and runs around the stores with its big screen displaying ads while delivering food and helping clean up tables wherever it is needed. Jackie Chen, Manager of Wind St. Catharines says the staff is thrilled to have this tool to make their work easier. “For us, the new robot is a great addition to our team because it helps us carry all the dishes from tables, deliver food, bring out take-out orders from the kitchen and even work as a host if the restaurant is busy and we need to stay by the door greeting guests. We are very happy to have it and we even decorated him for Halloween!”, he commented.

The robots have caused a sensation in the stores for their versatility and innovation, and Wind Group's guests have shown their surprise and support of this new way of providing service. Comments like “Sweet little robot helped me to my table”, or “they have a robot server!” inundate the restaurant's social media, as well as videos and pictures with the robots. Connolly is truly excited about the future. “We are offering our team premium tools they can count on so they can keep doing their jobs in a great way, and focus on what matters the most: the human component of our service. We want our team to feel comfortable dedicating time to our guests because they know the technical processes of the service are being taken care of by the robots, and we want our guests to feel safe and happy to visit us over and over.” The situation post-pandemic required a lot of thought from this group of restaurants, and because the need was not only to support the staff and enhance a contactless service when possible but also to guarantee a sanitized healthy environment, Wind Group included the Puductor2 in its cluster of robotic helpers, to guarantee integral sanitation of its indoor spaces. This robot is a specialized unit that offers contactless disinfection and sanitization with highly technological UV methods, and it is designed to run automatically in the stores after closing time, disinfecting and sterilizing all areas of the restaurants, to improve even more the sanitary condition of the indoor environments.

Wind Group handles 6 restaurants in Mississauga and the Niagara Region: Wind Japanese and Thai St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Mississauga; East Izakaya St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, and Ma Chinese Cuisine in St. Catharines. They specialize in Japanese, Thai and Chinese Cuisine, with All you can eat and A la carte formats. To learn more about the restaurants visit:

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